Form building

Forms can be built in the Site Manager in order to collect information from visitors to your website as well as customers in your store.

Building Forms

You may start working on your forms by creating form fields under "Forms" -> "Fields". Your fields may be placed into groups for easy organization.

  • Forms fields of the following types are currently available:
    • Input: text, textarea, select, checkbox, radio and hidden
    • Other: heading, subheading, divider, spacer, paragraph, html, and page section
  • Form groups can be used in two ways:
    • You may connect a form group to a contact form using the section of type "Components - Email Form".
    • You may also connect a form group to the store checkout process under "Store" -> "Configuration" -> "Extra Settings", "Checkout Process".
  • Customizable predefined form groups exist for: Prayer Requests, Commemorations, Inquirers/New Members, and Order Pick-up.

Viewing/Exporting Form Data

All form submissions are sent via email as well as logged in the Site Manager where the data can be viewed or exported.

  • To view/export all form submission data, go to "Forms" -> "Submissions".
  • To view/export all form data connected to store orders, go to "Store" -> "Orders" then choose a "Download" option.
  • To view all messages submitted via the email forms, go to "Email" -> "Message Log".


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