$25/month - what's covered?

Orthodox Web Solution's monthly fee is $25, which covers the following services and more:

  1. website hosting with 10 gigabytes of storage (additional space is available @ 10GB/year/$100)
  2. one domain registration (additional domains are $20/year/domain)
  3. email, forwarders, mailing lists @yourdomain.org
  4. technical support (phone, email, Zoom, chat)
  5. Site Manager software upgrades and all new and existing features
  6. all new and existing Standard/Advanced templates
  7. 24/7 proactive server monitoring/security
  8. [optional] Progressive Web App functionality
  9. [optional] integration with Tithe.ly which includes a special discounted processing rate
  10. [optional] two-way integration with social networks (includes automated livestreaming embedding)

Additional fees apply for eCommerce services and custom design/development.

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