Sharing images

There are two steps to sharing your images:

Step 1
The first step is to upload them under "Media" -> "Images". It is highly recommended to create a directory first, then upload the files into that directory.

Step 2
Once the images have been uploaded under "Images", the next step is to insert them into sections on your pages.

There are a number of different section types which allow pictures, the most common of which are:

Basic - Paragraph Section
Basic - Images (Gallery)
Basic - Images (Group)

As an example, you can insert a gallery by:
1) Going to "Pages".
2) Clicking "edit" next to the page where you want the gallery to go.
3) Then insert a new section.
4) Select "Basic - Images (Gallery)" for the section type and click "Create Section".
5) Now just create the gallery by filling in the fields and clicking "Continue".
6) Finally, select your images and enter your captions.
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