Adding News

News items can be managed under "Media" -> "News".

Here you may create categories for your posts or using the existing categories for "Upcoming Events" and "Recent Events". 

Each news item has a title, description, an optional image, and date settings which allow you to display the item on the website for a particular time period. After the display period ends, the item will be considered in "archived" status. The description field is for a short summary of the post. Each item has its own page which should contain the full post: text, images, and other associated media.

Once you create your categories and posts, you will need to decide where you want them to display on your website. You can display the news items by inserting a section of type: "Components - News".  When you insert a section of this type, you will have to select the categories that you want to display, as well as how to display the posts: slider, timeline, masonry, full description, title only, etc.. Inserting a news display section, needs to be done only once, although you can have multiple display sections on different pages. When you create additional posts, they will automatically appear in the display section(s) you have created.

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