7. Facebook Access Tokens

In order to connect your Facebook account to your website for the Social Stream and Social Tabs Deluxe, you will need to create a Facebook access token.

  1. Sign up for a Facebook developers account.
  2. Create a Facebook App or use an existing app if you already have one
  3. Navigate to Facebook Graph API Explorer to generate short-lived access token.
  4. Select your app from the top right Application drop-down menu.
  5. In the next drop-down just below the previous one select "Get user access token".
  6. In the popup window that appear select "pages show list" and "manage pages".
  7. Click "Get access token" and copy the access token.
  8. Navigate to Access Token Tool and click the "Debug" button of your app at right side for the user token.
  9. Go on bottom click "Extend Access Token" and copy the token.
  10. Again, go to Facebook Graph API Explorer and paste the extended token you just copied at the step above.
  11. Change the API endpoint to access "/me/accounts" and click "Submit".
  12. On the results area copy the new generated access token. This token will never expire and is the one you will insert into the Facebook API Access Token field for the Social Stream/Tabs.
  13. To be sure the token never expire open Facebook Debug Tool paste the token and click "Debug" to check the expiration value.

Please note: Only the Facebook Pages you own are supported. You can show the feeds only of the pages you own.

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