"Going live" with an existing domain

There are a couple of steps to "going live" with your new website using your existing domain. The first is necessary and the second is optional. You can make these changes through your domain's control panel at your registrar. Or if you would like our help, we can make these changes for you:

1) Necessary:  the name servers need to be changed to ns1.orthodoxws.com and ns2.orthodoxws.com. Please remove all other entries.
2) Optional:  the administration should be switched to OWS for ongoing renewal - ie. we will reregister this domain for you at no charge.

If you decide you want to transfer the administration of your domain, please:

a) Make sure the status of your domain is unlocked.
b) Send us the EPP - Transfer Authorization Code.
c) Change the administrative contact to domains@orthodoxws.com.

To do these two tasks you may need the help of your current administrative contact. Or, if you would rather, you can provide us with the login details for your current registrar and we will make the changes for you.

If you have any email accounts at your current domain, you should create these mailboxes or forwarders on the new website before switching over so that you do not lose any mail.
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