Copying and pasting

When copying and pasting text into the Site Manager, it is a good idea to "strip" the text of its stylistic attributes (font face, size, bold, italic, etc.), and then redo the bold, italic, font colors, etc. from within the Site Manager.  This is necessary for your pages to be viewed properly by all visitors to your site.  You can adjust the font settings for your website under "Design" -> "Fonts".

To strip your text, just copy it from its original source (MS Word, another website, etc) and paste it into Notepad (not Wordpad). Then make sure everything looks right with regard to line breaks (not bold, italics, etc. since Notepad doesn't offer these formatting options). Then recopy the text from Notepad and paste it into the Site Manager.  Now your text should be uniform. You can change stylistic features using the Site Manager's inner formatting toolbar found above the text area.

If you are using a PC, please try:  
Control-C to copy
Control-V to paste.
Control-X to cut.

If you are using a Mac, please try:  
Command-C to copy
Command-V to paste.
Command-X to cut.
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