Choosing your fonts

To change the default fonts on your website go to "Design" -> "Fonts".

There are 4 main font styles:
  1. Section Titles - either graphical or textual
  2. Paragraph Title - used for titles and larger text
  3. Paragraph Text - used for regular text
  4. Caption Text - used for image captions and smaller text
You may choose your default fonts for each style by selecting the family, size, weight, stretch, style, variant, color and other options.

Your may choose your link colors for normal, active, hover, and visited links.

        Normal is the color of text links which have not yet been visited.
        Active is the color of text links which have already been visited.
        Hover is the color of text links when you put your mouse over them.
        Active is the color of text links when you click on them.

When finished click "Save Changes".

You may change the fonts associated with your template under "Design" -> "Templates".
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