Order processing options

Here are a few options regarding order processing:

A) No Online Processing:  Allow your customers to place an order via an emailed invoice.  They would checkout like a normal online store, except instead of entering credit card information, they would click "Invoice Me".  Your customer and the store manager would both receive emails showing the invoice (items, shipping, total cost), and then payment could be made via postal mail or phone.  There would be no additional cost for this.

B) Online Processing through Paypal:  Once you establish an account with Paypal, they will provide you with the HTML code to create donation buttons, add to cart buttons, etc.  These would be inserted into your pages, giving you shopping cart functionality.  The checkout would take place on Paypal.com's website.  There are some fees but not too much overhead.

C) Online Processing through Your Own Website:  To process orders on your actual website, you would need a few things (each with their associated fees):

1) A merchant account to process credit card orders. We do not offer this service but it could easily be acquired through your local bank.

2) Gateway services to securely process these credit card orders online. Likewise, we do not offer this service, however, we do recommend Authorize.net a highly reputable company whom we also use for our own business purposes.

An alternative to using your bank for your merchant account and Authorize.net for your gateway is to use PayPal’s Website Payments Pro.  These services are outlined at the following websites:


3) Our eCommerce addon which is available for $250 setup and an additional $20 per month. This addon provides you with the following services:
- customer and order management
- live shipping quotes from UPS, USPS, and FedEx
- payment processing with either a merchant account and Authorize.net or Paypal Website Payments Pro
- tax functionality, export to Excel, and more; please see: http://orthodoxws.com/ecommerce.php

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