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Instagram plugins use the special API that requires authentication – specific requests made on behalf of a user. This procedure will be realized only with the help of Instagram Access Token. Thus, this article, courtesy of, will explain to you the purpose of Token and how you can get it. Let’s go!

What is Instagram Access Token – Brief Description

Authenticated requests need Instagram Access token. Access Token is an opaque string that identifies a user, app, or page. It can be used by the app to make graph API calls and is unique to each user.

Instagram Access Token is essential for the usage of most Instagram based apps.

Step-by-Step Guide for Getting Instagram Access Token

You have to complete the following 3 simple steps to get Instagram Access Token:

  • Sign in Instagram as a developer
  • Register a new Client ID
  • Get Instagram Access Token using Client ID and Client Secret
We have prepared the detailed video and text instructions describing the process of connecting to Instagram API.

1. Sign in Instargam as a developer

Visit the Instagram Developer Page

Before getting your Access Token you have to register as a developer in Instagram and to receive Client ID and Client Secret. That’s why you should follow the link to the Instagram developer web page.

Instagram Developer Register Page

Log in Instagram

To get a Client ID and Client Secret you need to be registered in Instagram. Create an account or log in using the existing account to pass on to the next step.

Instagram Login Form

Fill in the Developer Signup

Instagram demands to be registered as a developer from everyone, who wants to display Instagram feed on his website. After you log in Instagram the next window will appear.

Instagram Developer Signup

Check all the fields on the web page:

  • your website – the URL of your website
  • phone number – any phone number
  • what do you want to build with API – any short description

After this signup, the Instagram Developer Documentation will appear. There you will see greetings and the following overview.

Register Instagram Application

Now, as a developer, you can register your application. To do that click on the link marked above. Instagram will notify you that at the moment you don’t have any apps and will offer you to create a new one.

Manage Instagram Clients

The next step is to authorize your new application and new client.

2. Register a New Client ID

The next page has 4 obligatory fields for filling so be attentive!

Register New Instagram Client ID

Check the fields on the web page:

Now confirm your data and proceed to the next page. Here you can see received Instagram Client ID and Client Secret.

Get Instagram Client ID and Client Secret
Note that if you are going to work with square photos on your website then turn on the non-square media option. Just edit your client and find “Migrations” section. Don’t forget to click “Update Plugin” so that changes will take effect.
Instagram Non Square Media

3. Get Instagram Access Token using Client ID and Client Secret

Сopy your all-new Instagram Client ID and Client Secret and paste here.

Ger Instagram Access Token

We created this page so that you will be able to get your Instagram Access Token in the fastest way. Note that Instagram will request your authorization as a sandbox user. That’s why click “Authorize” on the next page in order to complete the task.

Instagram Sandbox Authorization

Copy the Generated Access Token

Congratulations! You’ve achieved the task and get your Instagram Access Token.

Instagram Access Token Received
You’ve received your Access Token
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