Copying IMAP messages

The following are instructions for copying saved email from the old server to the new server:

1) Create the same email account in the Site Manager that you had on your old server.
2) Give the new email account the same password that you used on your old server. You can change the password after the migration process is done, if desired.
3) In your local email client, create two new email accounts.
4) These will both be for the same email address.
5) They will both use the same password.
6) They must both be configured to connect using IMAP.
7) The incoming server (or IMAP server) will be different for each account. You should use your temporary address (or for your new server and your domain or IP address for your old server.
8) With both accounts online, open up the inbox for the account that connects to your old server. Drag and drop messages from this inbox to the inbox on your new server.
9) That's it! If you have a lot of emails, give the accounts a few minutes to finish syncing up. Once they're done, your old emails will be in your mailbox on the new server.

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