Live Streaming

Live streams can be set up without any special hardware or costly 3rd-party services or plugins. A smartphone, reliable internet connection and a YouTube or Facebook account are all that is needed. Please note: It is highly recommend to film your live stream in the standard horizontal orientation common to computer/laptop/tv screens rather than a vertical orientation which is only easily viewed on smartphones and tablets.

The Site Manager allows you to easily embed your live videos into your pages so people can view your live stream right from your website.

To embed your live stream, you may insert a section of the following types:

  • Components - Facebook Video
  • Components - YouTube

The following steps should be followed to add a live stream to your website:

  1. Go to "Media" -> "Pages".
  2. Edit the desired page.
  3. Insert a new section of type, "Components - Facebook Video" or "Components - YouTube".

Facebook Video: You may choose either to embed a video of your choice from Facebook by entering the video ID or you may connect to your Facebook page using the page ID and an access token to automatically show the latest videos. By default videos are displayed in a customizable grid format with a featured video on top. For further instructions, please see:

Find My Facebook ID
Facebook Access Tokens

YouTube: You may connect to your YouTube page, automatically displaying the latest videos from your channel, user account, or playlist. YouTube videos can be displayed in a customizable grid format, filtered by include/exclude text, and limited by a maximum number of videos to show.

Other Live Streaming Options

Below are a few possible paid solutions:

These as well as any other live streaming service can be integrated with your website very easily by inserting the code provided by these 3rd-parties into an "Advanced - HTML Code" section on your pages.


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