Adding links

You can share links to other websites in a couple of ways.

1) Manually
2) Using the Site Manager's special component for Web Links

First, manually:  

1) When editing a "Basic - Paragraph" section (or some similar section), type the description of the link in the text area. For example "Google".
2) Next highlight the text you just typed (ie. "Google"), and click the link button, which looks like a chain link in the tools area just above the text area.
3) Now enter the URL of the link. In this example:
4) Click "Save Changes".

Second, using the Site Manager's special component under "Components" -> "Links":

The Site Manager allows you to create categories of links for easy grouping. These categories can then be displayed on your website by using either one of the following section types:

1) "Components - Links (All)"
2) "Components - Links (Categories)"

If you insert a section of the first type, all the links will be displayed. If you choose the second type, then you will have the opportunity to choose which categories you want displayed.
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